Mr. Always Write’s Monthly Writing Recap: March 2021

Mr. Always Write, Monthly Recap

I wasn’t quite back to the writing workflow I accomplished to kickstart 2021, but March still saw an upswing in production. What were you up to all month?

Structure Setting the Stage

There was no way I was going to let today come and go without making good on a new commitment. As I recently outlined, I haven’t traditionally been one to structure my own writing and workflow. Certainly not in the same manner that I do on behalf of my clients.

When it’s for others, I feel an innate sense of responsibility to ensure they are getting my best in as timely of a fashion as possible. I’m proud of that. Yet, I don’t take advantage of such standards when considering what I’m putting out there for my own purposes.

This very post, in fact, is the start of a change. You can expect a more consistent output, all in an effort to elevate my own efforts. That doesn’t mean I’ll lose focus on what I work on for others, It simply ensures I’m putting forth the focus I deserve for my own progress.

With that in mind, let’s look back on my writing from March. And let me know if you spot the ones I marked as my favourites.

Blackhawks Star of the Week: Patrick Kane

Published: March 1, 2021

As if we ever need to force the focus towards Patrick Kane, he went out and made sure to have a week we’d all remember. Beyond the standard multi-point performances and game-winners we’ve come to anticipate, Kane reached new career heights by scoring his 400th regular-season goal in the NHL.

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⭐️ Kane Is Already the Greatest American-Born NHL Player of All-Time

Published: March 2, 2021

Now the 100th player in NHL history to join the 400-goal club, Patrick Kane is still far from being done dominating. Sitting in sixth all-time for overall production by a US-born player, he is the only athlete still active within that list’s top 10. Meaning, he has time ahead of him to achieve even more and further his case as the most elite American ever.

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3 Blackhawks Poised to Battle Kaprizov for the Calder

Published: March 5, 2021

There is no denying that Kirill Kaprizov of the Minnesota Wild has propelled himself right into the rookie spotlight in recent weeks. And that will continue to be an advantage for the Chicago Blackhawks if any of their opponents choose to overlook the youth on their side, whose play has demanded league-wide attention all season long.

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Blackhawks News & Rumours: Seabrook, Strome, Lankinen, Overtime & More

Published: March 5, 2021

In what has been the Chicago Blackhawks’ trend through 2020-21, there is no straight path towards victory or dismay. Whether it was expecting a season full of struggles prior to its start, seeing their rookie class evolve so early, experiencing unexpected injury setbacks, or finding their way into a playoff position. While this team continues to surprise for all the right reasons, they keep encountering storylines that are not nearly as optimistic.

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Mr. Always Write’s Monthly Recap: February 2021

Published: March 9, 2021

February wasn’t as full of writing as January was, but that doesn’t mean I failed to keep busy with all I was working towards. I took the momentum built from the first month of the year and used it to propel through the second. How did your writing shape up in February?

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⭐️ Maple Leafs Need to Address Obvious Reason They’re Losing

Published: March 11, 2021

Sure, the Toronto Maple Leafs are still atop the Scotia North Division. And, no, there’s not yet a good enough reason for fans to panic. However, as the Leafs continually find ways to lose to clubs that aren’t supposed to be beating them, that’s simply a pattern they have to break.

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Blackhawks’ Best Force a Split Series With Stars

Published: March 12, 2021

Back in early February, in the midst of changing the narrative of their rebuilding season, the Chicago Blackhawks did everything right en route to sweeping their first series with the Dallas Stars. Their power play converted, they were stellar short-handed, their goaltending was outstanding, and they capitalized in extra time to secure back-to-back victories.

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Revisiting 4 Bold Blackhawks Preseason Predictions

Published: March 13, 2021

Before the season began, the Chicago Blackhawks organization dished up quite a bit for fans to digest when it came to what to expect of the team throughout 2020-21. From upsetting departures to confusing acquisitions to stating outright that this team was in a rebuild. With all that in mind, I did my best to look ahead and predict what would be their reality by the season’s end.

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Toronto Maple Leafs: Recent Losses Shouldn’t Be All That Alarming

Published: March 16, 2021

The division-leading Toronto Maple Leafs have only won one of their past six.

As the Toronto Maple Leafs look to stop this ugly run from lasting any longer, it’s important to point out that this type of stretch isn’t necessarily a sign that the team on the wrong end can’t still be crowned at the campaign’s conclusion. Let me explain.

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Blackhawks Banter: Coaching Tips, Average Goaltending & Cheat Codes

Published: March 20, 2021

Although THW’s Chicago Blackhawks writing team is always happy to find content that allows us to dig deeper into what surrounds the team, we’d prefer to have more positive topics to discuss. Unfortunately, the club isn’t finding as much success through the mid-season stretch, playing more like the rebuilding team they were meant to be rather than the surprise they had become.

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⭐️ Blackhawks’ Most Tenured Tender Due for Another Look

Published: March 21, 2021

There’s no denying that Kevin Lankinen was a major factor in the Chicago Blackhawks’ surprising early-season success. Seemingly swooping in out of nowhere to take over their crease. Malcolm Subban’s resurgence has also been a welcomed bonus through this rebuild. Both deserve credit for their efforts, but their team’s tough stretch of late suggests now might be the time to change things up a bit.

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Blackhawks Finally Push Past Pesky Panthers With Series Sweep

Published: March 26, 2021

Looking at the stat lines of each contest, instead of the score, it would be fair to assume that the Florida Panthers had swept the Chicago Blackhawks in their recent two-game set. Yet, it was the Blackhawks that came out on top. Despite being outplayed in some areas of each match, they benefited from key performances that helped secure the four points.

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Blackhawks Star of the Week: This Rookie is Streaking the Right Way

Published: March 29, 2021

Admittedly, I considered giving Kirby Dach all of this past week’s praise following his surprise return to the Chicago Blackhawks’ lineup over the weekend. Elated as all were to see Dach rejoin his team, in anticipation of how much further he can elevate their efforts, he did only get into two of their four games while being kept off the scoresheet in each.

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What to Expect This April

Following a bit of an unplanned hiatus away from my laptop, the motivation has begun to flow as freely as the words that make up this writing recap article. I have the ideas noted, now it’s time to begin acting on them.

While publishing this post was the start, there’s more to come. Be sure to follow along to see what’s next.

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