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I can’t take full credit for coming up with the concept of tracking writing progress, as it’s a tactic I’ve seen others use. However, I can say that what my approach has evolved into is uniquely mine.

Writing Recaps, Explained

As we look forward to 2021, with the opportunity upon us to emphatically leaving 2020 behind, it seemed like as good a time as any to explain my monthly writing recaps. This is a strategy I utilize to hold myself accountable and reflect on my progress all at the same time. And I’ll leverage the start of a new year to take things a step further.

For the past few months, you may have noticed my writing recap posts that I share across my social profiles. They summarize the number of articles and words I published the previous month. Not the results or views, but the work put into getting them out into the world in the first place.

At first, I was doing weekly recaps. I then realized there was an opportunity to elevate this into something more. So, I started to go down that path and see where it would take me.

In practicing what I preach, I knew I had to find a way to generate genuine content for a variety of benefits while still embracing the goal of these recaps. So I turned it into a monthly post, which comes to life with a custom graphic. These have been fun to create, both in the sense that it gives me an excuse to design and also forces me to celebrate my work. It’s a win-win for me.

Creating these graphics helps me to market my own written work. As a bonus, it also gives me a unique opportunity to practice my design capabilities to showcase what I can do for others, too.

What to Expect Next

As I work to refine my services and connect with potential clients, I’ll keep pouring out content of my own. My hope is that I’m crafting work I can be proud of, with my readers enjoying it all the while.

Progress and results motivate me.

As I write, I’ll track all that is published. At month’s end, it gives me the context to create these designs. I get to reflect on what brought me to that point, while furthering my creativity by piecing it all together in a visually appealing way.

All of what I do, wrapped into a perspective that fits perfectly in your smartphone’s social feed. That’s how my monthly writing recaps keep me motivated. And I’ll progress those efforts moving forward, with a corresponding blog post that gives a snapshot of what I published in that month to complement the recap graphic.

It won’t just be a quick overview of the data. Rather, I’ll share a summarized sequence of storylines that shaped those weeks of writing. It will be a personal highlight reel of my articles with a teaser of what each piece was about. Not only will this help me see more of what I produced that month, but it will hopefully entice you to take a look for yourself, too.

Yet another way to hold myself accountable, while forcing an internal focus on my efforts. I look forward to putting these posts together, as it’s far too common that we accomplish just to move on to the next task. While that’s the natural path of progress, finding reasons to reflect is never a bad byproduct of a job well done.

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