You didn’t realize that I follow MLB baseball because most of my content covers other leagues? Well, you’re right. However, being that I’m a fan of social media, I’m here to help provide you with a way to enhance your enjoyment of America’s pastime.

Sports Fan With a Favourite

Admittedly, I’m much more of a hockey fan. I grew up playing it, went on to coach, have taught the game, refereed a few times, and now most of my freelance writing is centred around it.

Yet, that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to those activities followed less frequently. In fact, I enjoy being in the know and having at least a basic knowledge of the world’s favourite sports.

With that said, I never pretend to have watched a match that I didn’t, just to be part of the water cooler talk. Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t involve myself.

I’m never shy to admit what I don’t know and am always willing to learn. Whether the lesson is as simple as covering last night’s scoreboard or a more complex undertaking of the rules that govern a game.

Fittingly, that leads us here. As I’ve dug further into the inner workings of social media, specifically that which separates Twitter from the rest, it gave me an obvious reason to elevate my interest in non-hockey sports.

Homeruns & Hashtags

There are a lot of reasons to enjoy baseball. Having played it growing up, I can attest to many of them. With that in mind, there are ways to make being a fan even that much more fun. I’m here to help.

Next time you’re looking to share your take, live tweet throughout a doubleheader, or simply want to engage with fellow fans, be sure to incorporate your team’s hashtags to further that outreach.

American League East

How They Appear

MLB, AL East

Copy & Paste Friendly


American League Central

How They Appear

MLB, AL Central

Copy & Paste Friendly


American League West

How They Appear

MLB, AL West

Copy & Paste Friendly


National League East

How They Appear

MLB, NL East

Copy & Paste Friendly


National League Central

How They Appear

MLB, NL Central

Copy & Paste Friendly


National League West

How They Appear

MLB, NL West

Copy & Paste Friendly


Who Are You Cheering For?

Born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area, it should come as no surprise to hear which MLB team I’m backing.

With 30 teams currently competing in the MLB, who is your favourite? Be sure to let me (and the world) know by using their team-specific hashtag the next time you proclaim your support online.

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