World Cup 2022, Hashtags

As football’s best head out to the pitch for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, using every nation’s custom hashtag will ensure you stay connected the whole way through. Make sure to spread your support far enough for your country to feel it.

Setting the World Cup’s Stage

The top 32 countries are prepared to compete on the world’s biggest stage, all with the same goal of capturing the sport’s most prestigious award. Every tournament seems to find a way to excite and engage like no other athletic event can. Perhaps the anticipation of being forced to wait four years helps.

All the while, throughout that respective delay, the world pushes ahead in other regards. Most notably of late, we’ve done so within a more digital space.

The rise of social media allows fans to connect far more directly than ever before. Could you imagine how much momentum our cultural communities would have been gaining all these years, had platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn been around since the World Cup first began in 1930?

Fortunately, for every side and their fans, we’re now living in a reality that offers such an opportunity. So, before you send your next tweet, be sure to include every relevant hashtag so you’re heard loud and clear β€” worldwide.

World Cup 2022 Hashtags

With a few less experienced lineups battling alongside those who have earned their reputation, who will do enough to demand our respect?

By the end of the last World Cup, back in 2018, it was France who was being crowned champions. Unfortunately for them, odds are that we’ll be seeing another nation celebrate by the end of this year’s gathering.

Group A

Despite some strong underdogs, there’s no way that anyone in Group A tops the Netherlands. Right?

Every Nation’s Hashtag

Qatar: #QAT
Ecuador: #ECU
Senegal: #SEN
Netherlands: #NED

How Each Hashtag Appears

World Cup 2022, Group A

Group B

Are you ready to witness the competitive fireworks that an England-Wales rivalry will surely display?

Every Nation’s Hashtag

England: #ENG
Iran: #IRN
Wales: #WAL

How Each Hashtag Appears

World Cup 2022, Group B

Group C

Attempting to overcome a favourite like Argentina will be no small feat. Good luck to the rest.

Every Nation’s Hashtag

Argentina: #ARG
Saudi Arabia: #KSA
Mexico: #MEX
Poland: #POL

How Each Hashtag Appears

World Cup 2022, Group C

Group D

Can France become the first team to win back-to-back World Cups since Brazil (1958, 1962)?

Every Nation’s Hashtag

France: #FRA
Australia: #AUS
Denmark: #DEN
Tunisia: #TUN

How Each Hashtag Appears

World Cup 2022, Group D

Group E

Germany and Spain are simply too strong for Costa Rica and Japan to even stand a chance.

Every Nation’s Hashtag

Spain: #ESP
Costa Rica: #CRC
Germany: #GER
Japan: #JPN

How Each Hashtag Appears

World Cup 2022, Group E

Group F

The world welcomes Canada back to the tournament, for the first time since 1986. Will they surprise?

Every Nation’s Hashtag

Belgium: #BEL
Canada: #CAN
Morocco: #MAR
Croatia: #CRO

How Each Hashtag Appears

World Cup 2022, Group F

(No, I’m not sure how or why Croatia allowed a cryptocurrency company to take over their country code.)

Group G

Brazil entered this World Cup the same way they do every other time β€” expecting to win.

Every Nation’s Hashtag

Brazil: #BRA
Serbia: #SRB
Switzerland: #SUI
Cameroon: #CMR

How Each Hashtag Appears

World Cup 2022, Group G

Group H

If this is Ronaldo’s final World Cup, can Portugal help him make it a memorable one?

Every Nation’s Hashtag

Portugal: #POR
Ghana: #GHA
Uruguay: #URU
Korea Republic: #KOR

How Each Hashtag Appears

World Cup 2022, Group H

Who Will Take Home 2022’s World Cup?

Beyond each nation’s flag-specific hashtag, some have also chosen to theme their journey throughout this year’s World Cup. Such as Canada, fittingly pushing ahead with the mindset #WeCan.

Whatever the motivation of the country you’re choosing to back, let’s make sure we take this unique opportunity to connect in the most meaningful of ways from the sidelines. Use your team’s hashtag and include that of their opponents, too.

The conversations should certainly elicit excitement, just be sure to keep things tasteful. The world is watching, after all.

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