NHL 2022-23 Twitter Hashtags

NHL teams make it far too difficult for fans to find their custom hashtag, don’t you think? Rather than remain idle, I did something about it a few years back and have continued that trend ever since. Entering the 2022-23 season was no different.

An Annual #HockeyTwitter Tradition

Admittedly, that headline is not entirely true. It’s only been through the most recent era of the game that the NHL jumped on the social media marketing bandwagon to this degree. Now, all 32 teams partake in crafting their own unique hashtag, complete with a team logo to finalize their look.

That they don’t always remain the same from year to year makes it that much more relevant to stay up-to-date.

Given the response that followed when I first launched this very database in 2020-21, I knew I had to do the same for 2021-22. Now, you can anticipate that it will be automatic every single season.

I’ve even begun to help enhance fandom in other sports, too.

Believe it or not, these NHL hashtags even cause debate among passionate fans. Somehow, supporters find ways to disagree over the most menial aspects of the game. Such as whether or not their favourite club should use their team name or a clever motto when branding for any respective campaign.

In some cases, organizations go both routes as elect teams choose to release multiple hashtags to draw in their digital crowd. Proceed with caution, though, as secondary selections aren’t always as reliable.

That all said, the list below is based on diligent research that populated these results as the most prominent hashtag per club. These are the ones I’ll be relying on all season and I’d recommend you do the same. If you want your voice to be heard, that is.

Here’s Your NHL Hashtags

Whether you believe the Maple Leafs will finally make it past the First Round, the Penguins can continue playing a youthful game, the Blackhawks will surprise skeptics, or the Kraken are capable of more, is irrelevant.

What is, though, are their hashtags. Along with every other divisional rival alongside them this season.

Atlantic Division

NHL 2022-23 Atlantic Division Hashtags

Metropolitan Division

NHL 2022-23 Metropolitan Division Hashtags

Central Division

NHL 2022-23 Central Division Hashtags

Pacific Division

NHL 2022-23 Pacific Division Hashtags

Copy & Paste Friendly Hashtags

You’ve seen what they look like, so now’s your chance to put them into action. Copy and paste from the list below, before your next tweet.

Atlantic Division

Boston Bruins: #NHLBruins
Buffalo Sabres: #LetsGoBuffalo
Detroit Red Wings: #LGRW
Florida Panthers: #TimeToHunt
Montreal Canadiens: #GoHabsGo
Ottawa Senators: #GoSensGo
Tampa Bay Lightning: #GoBolts
Toronto Maple Leafs: #LeafsForever

Metropolitan Division

Carolina Hurricanes: #LetsGoCanes
Columbus Blue Jackets: #CBJ
New Jersey Devils: #NJDevils
New York Islanders: #Isles
New York Rangers: #NYR
Philadelphia Flyers: #FueledByPhilly
Pittsburgh Penguins: #LetsGoPens
Washington Capitals: #ALLCAPS

Central Division

Arizona Coyotes: #Yotes
Chicago Blackhawks: #Blackhawks
Colorado Avalanche: #GoAvsGo
Dallas Stars: #TexasHockey
Minnesota Wild: #mnwild
Nashville Predators: #Smashville
St. Louis Blues: #stlblues
Winnipeg Jets: #GoJetsGo

Pacific Division

Anaheim Ducks: #FlyTogether
Calgary Flames: #Flames
Edmonton Oilers: #LetsGoOilers
Los Angeles Kings: #GoKingsGo
San Jose Sharks: #SJSharks
Seattle Kraken: #SeaKraken
Vancouver: #Canucks
Vegas Golden Knights: #VegasBorn

Be Seen Across Social

If you’re hoping to converse with fans and scorn some rivals through 2022-23, this list is guaranteed to help get you there quicker. The next time you have something to say across social media, be sure to include a relevant hashtag.

Here’s to seeing each other around #HockeyTwitter, all season long!

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