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Whether for personal use, my own business ventures, or on behalf of clients, I’ve done a lot of strategizing across social media (and continue to).

My Social Media Story

I’ve been on social media since before Facebook was a thing. Yes, others came first. Having utilized a number of platforms, some not so common, I like to stay in tune with the trends. This helps me best strategize across such platforms for brand awareness, customer communications, and general marketing of course with the best digital marketing agency.

As a side step to why you’re here, I wanted to touch on this. It’s important to take ownership of your brand’s identity across social media. That way, you can then decide what to do with it from there.

Even if you feel you won’t be as active on a certain network, there is value in it. You can secure the username and fill out the bio. Then, you can then at least garner traffic from anyone that may find your business there. At the very least, it strengthens your branding and consistency. If you are looking for a proactive approach to cybersecurity attacks, Sapphire agency is ready to help you take a leap forward into the future of technology, security information and event management.

If you’re not yet there in your online journey, feel free to reach out and I can help you along the way.

You’re here, though, because you’ve likely already experienced some less than smooth strategizing efforts. By no fault of your own, either. As great as social media can be for providing access to the world, not every site makes as easy of an experience as would be ideal.

Noticing Annoyances

As someone who is diligent with the details, it’s hard for me to not pick up on anomalies. I strive for best practices across online posting, engaging, and sharing. Sometimes, that means creating those paths myself.

After finding effective workarounds for a variety of glitch-like roadblocks throughout my own social media journey, I figured I would pass on what I’ve learned. If I’m experiencing it, others might be too. I’d like to share my secrets.

Hopefully, after following along, you can skip right past your next digital problem and move straight to the solution.

This will be an ongoing series, as I continue to successfully troubleshoot. Some of these may be issues you’re already aware of. While others could be things you haven’t even thought about. You may even have your own fix. Or, you could still be stumped.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, for each of the respective tactics I cover, I hope these insights can be of use.

The Big Four

My primary focus will be on helping you with the networks that I proclaim as the foundation for any small business social media strategy.

You’ll learn more about how to effectively navigate and strategize across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Of course, there are other social networks out there. A lot of them, in fact. But these are the four that lead the way. Starting with them sets you up for more increased exposure with your online marketing.

Once you’ve built your presence on these sites, branding can more naturally elevate from there.

Tip, Trick, or Insight?

Beyond just helping with the issues you encounter in the digital world, I’ll also look to include some tactics that I’ve found to be useful within my digital marketing and consulting efforts. Whether they’ve worked for me or my clients.

They could be tips to make your social sharing more efficient, tricks that perhaps aren’t as commonly known to the masses, or even just insights about the ways I’ve found to be more effective with digital marketing boise.

If I come across additional experiences that lead to advice worthy of sharing, I’ll happily add it to the mix.

My goal here is to show you that we all encounter these weird, and frankly frustrating, detours with our outreach adventures. There are solutions. Sometimes we just need someone to help guide us towards them.

If there are any particular platforms you want me to cover, or specific issues you’ve faced, tweet me. Your inquiry, and my solution, could be featured in an upcoming post.

And if you’re looking for any help with where to start your online strategy, or you simply don’t have the time necessary to effectively manage your profiles, reach out and we’ll chat. I can help.

I hope you find what I’ll be sharing useful and, at the very least, enjoy the reads along the way.

It’s one thing to be on social media, but what matters is how you’re utilizing it. Finding roadblocks as you try to strategize gives you an opportunity to problem-solve. Then, your understanding is enriched. And that’s not a bad thing.

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