Mr. Always Write, UEFA Euro 2020

If you’re a hockey fan, you may have come across the handy hashtags guide that I developed this past season. Well, with the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship front and centre, I figured I’d help my fellow soccer fans share better across their socials.

Undeniable National Pride

Admittedly, hockey places first when ranking my sports fandom. However, when it comes to national pride, I always look forward to celebrating alongside those that share my respective cultures.

Whenever any of my backgrounds are competing on an international stage, I’m prone to paying attention. Whether it’s Canada dominating at the rink, Lithuania making their mark on the court, or Italy taking the field by storm. Shoutout to Portugal, too, since I’m now affiliated by relation thanks to my wife being part Portuguese.

That said, I don’t pretend to know it all. I’m far from the type of fan who needs to infuse my input into every sports-related chat. If it involves a league, team, or rumour that I know nothing about, I’d rather listen to learn than act as an expert.

I know what I know and know what I don’t.

Despite the spotlight that now shines on the success the Toronto FC has brought to my backyard, I’m still not one to actively follow the sport. So, to say I’m naive to what’s going on in that world would be accurate.

Yet, when it comes to international soccer — specifically the World Cup or Euro Championship — my interest picks up right where it left off. If you associate that as being a bandwagon jumper is out of my control and, frankly, I really don’t care.

What these tournaments mean, and the level of play that follows, forces my attention. Somehow, I’m back in the mindset of being a casual football fan. I remember who did what the last time around, which nations seem due, and the countries that are creeping up among the elite.

Don’t ask me how or why it maps out this way, it just does. And I’m ok with that.

Customizing the Social Experience

You may or may not know that there are often customized hashtags released around special events and occasions. Whether it’s a snowman that appears after #Christmas, a rainbow that follows #Pride, or the ideal emoji that complements #WearAMask.

While every major social network looks to leverages this feature, Twitter does it best. For whatever reason, despite its shortcomings, that platform continues to host the widest variety of customized hashtags at any given time.

For people like me, that’s a perfect fit. First off, Twitter is my go-to platform for sharing, engaging, and following. Add in that I love a good excuse to take advantage of this type of feature, and it’s a bonus.

Mr. Always Write, Hashtags

So, as the UEFO Euro 2020 rolled around this year, I obviously began to notice the new soccer-related hashtags that were beginning to take over my timeline. And it got me thinking. Why not do for Europe what I set out to accomplish for North America?

Here’s Your Hashtag

As a brief rundown into what this contest entails, there are 24 European teams that are split across six groups. As random as that drawing may be, it’s always interesting to scope out who landed where and what that means for their chances.

Can you guess which of the following groups is (obviously) the toughest?

Italy With Lasting Impact

Group A, Hashtags

Belgium Bounces Along

Group B, Hashtags

Don’t Doubt the Dutch

Group C, Hashtags

England Eyes the Prize

Group D, Hashtags

Spain Set to Succeed

Group E, Hashtags

Portugal Will Prevail

Group F, Hashtags

Copy & Paste Friendly List


Group A
Italy: #ITA
Turkey: #TUR
Switzerland: #SUI
Wales: #WAL

Group B
Belgium: #BEL
Denmark: #DEN
Finland: #FIN
Russia: #RUS

Group C
Austria: #AUT
Netherlands: #NED
North Macedonia: #MDK
Ukraine: #UKR

Group D
Croatia: #CRO
Czech Republic: #CZE
England: #ENG
Scottland: #SCO

Group E
Poland: #POL
Slovakia: #SVK
Spain: #ESP
Sweden: #SWE

Group F
France: #FRA
Germany: #GER
Hungary: #HUN
Portugal: #POR

Capturing the Euro Cup

There you have it, fans. The complete list of customized hashtags to use throughout the duration of the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship, as you cheer on your favourite nation.

Which country do you think will be shared the most across social? Will there be any success that surprises? Who do you expect will capture the Euro Cup?

Let me know (and be sure to include their hashtags, too).

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