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If the entrepreneur in your life is anything like me, they aren’t easy to buy for. It’s not that we try to make it difficult, we just don’t need more stuff. Besides, we can just get it ourselves if we do. Avoid the annual headache this year and gift them something to support their success, instead.

Change the Way You Gift

Let’s change the way you think about gift-giving. It doesn’t need to be something physical to make it real. The best part is knowing that the receiver has been enriched as a result. It’s not to say that can’t occur from something physical, it’s simply to highlight that it’s not the only way.

Small business owners are some of the hardest working people any of us know. Early mornings, late nights, and always on call. Yet, they are also typically the type to stretch themselves as thin as necessary to make time for and help loved ones. Sound like anyone you know?

There may be something different you can get them that makes sense in more ways than one. As they work to achieve sustained success for their small business, they may not have the capacity to further elevate their efforts in all areas. That’s where I come in.

Utilizing my expertise in digital marketing, I am passionate about assisting business owners to propel their online outreach. And I can do the same for those in your life, too. They claim they don’t need anything because they’re stuck thinking about gift-giving in the traditional sense.

What I offer addresses a different set of needs and can be placed directly within their workflow, right where they need it most. I bring over a decade of focus in this field, commitment towards learning best practices, a personal approach to consulting, and a vested interest in helping others reach higher levels of success.

Instead of thinking about something you’ll need to pick out, pick up, and package, consider these easy to deliver surprises instead.

Website Development

So, they already have a website. But, is it good? In other words, is it doing what they need it to in order to optimize their visitor’s experience and maximize the likelihood that those potential customers can turn into real ones? Having a site is step one, but making sure it’s doing what it’s supposed to is a whole other world.

Wait, they don’t yet have a site up at all? Well, that’s a problem in and of itself. Just because they feel it’s not something they’ve needed to this point, doesn’t mean it’s not time to modernize their approach. And they’ll need to ensure it’s set-up with the right type of content and SEO in mind.

Whether their online space could use a refresh or they need it built from the ground up, I can bring it to where they need it to be. With a focus on optimizing functionality, ensuring a user-friendly experience, curating relevant content, enhancing every page with plugins, and maintaining brand consistency, I don’t rest until the owner is proud of their website.

My go-to hosting service: GoDaddy.

Profile Management

They don’t have time to be on social media, because all of theirs is spent running their business. Even their personal account is using a profile picture that hasn’t been updated in 10 years. Yes, we all have those friends.

When it comes to their business, a Facebook Page is the extent of it. While they’re certainly amongst most of the social world by being there, that trend is heading in a different direction and it’s never been a better time to diversify. Plus, having a profile doesn’t mean the branding is up to date, contact information is correct, or an engagement strategy is established.

Their customers are on social media networks other than just Facebook (if they’re even still on there at all). I can find them the best niche to enrich their outreach to the right audience.

My go-to social media: Twitter.

Content Writing

A largely untapped area amongst small businesses, it would be far from surprising to hear that your loved one does not recognize the benefit of blogging for theirs. And, if that’s the case, they’re missing out on this important strategy.

Although blogs can be a personal space to journal and express, that’s not their only function. Simply stated, they are a means to share information. For a business, that could be company updates, special promotions, or a behind the scenes look at what makes their business so special, keeping things relevant and engaging. All in an effort to drive traffic to their site.

I tailor my blog writing to match the tone of the brand, researching and cover relevant topic areas on their behalf. With a firm grasp of English and a self-proclaimed grammar nerd, I don’t publish until my work is comprehensively reviewed and refined.

My go-to proofreading program: Grammarly.

Creative Design

First, here’s some free advice: Google Images results are not free to be used for commercial purposes. A business can’t just slap something they found from a search on their site as though it’s their own. It’s not.

Second, when it comes to curating content that would then be owned and therefore permitted for use by that respective business, it’s not as easy as doing a quick search and picking from the pile. (See above.)

The role of a web design and development company is to guide you this the transition. top web designing company helps you set up your presence from scratch and some will show you how to maintain it while you can pay others to maintain it for you. The top web design companies tend to be award winners from organization like The Webbys and Interactive Media Awards.

To stand out online, while maintaining brand integrity, businesses need their material to be unique to their image, appropriate for each social post, and specific enough to complement any respective campaign. With access to millions of royalty-free images, I curate and customize media until the look is where it needs to be. Then, what I design and create is theirs forever.

My go-to design resources: Adobe Creative.

Email Marketing

No, not all email marketing is spam. And it’s important for businesses to differentiate that in their approach, not just avoid this communication outlet altogether. Plus, it’s advantageous to have someone like me on board with my understanding of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation.

Email marketing services are user-friendly, assist with list growth tactics, and streamline what would otherwise be a daunting and arduous task. They enhance the message with much more professionalism, to complement the multimedia and context produced just for the email.

I know how to write open-worthy subject lines, generate relevant yet refreshing content, and make sure the communications are recognized as being as real and respectable as the business sending it.

My go-to email service: Constant Contact.

How It Would Work

Your loved one never needs to know what you spent, as you and I would coordinate all that in a way that only involves them when necessary.

Once the business owner receives the service you purchased for them, they’d then contact me directly and we’d take it from there towards fulfilling what you gifted them.

So, when you’re contemplating what that business owner in your life might want this time around, think outside the (gift) box. Instead, give them an elevated online outreach that supports success for their business all year long.

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